BerrY Creek Farm

A 158-acre organic family farm in the scenic Northeast Kingdom

26 Years And Still Growing



About Us

Gerard and Rosemary Croizet

Gerard and Rosemary Croizet

You will not find better strawberries around.
The quality of the produce here reflects the care and attention that goes into everything here.
-Google Review

Our Mission

Berry Creek Farm is dedicated to pursuing sustainable organic agricultural enterprises linking local food to the community. In this endeavor, Berry Creek Farm will provide agricultural educational opportunities, a living for the farmers, and ensure the viability of the farming operation for the next generation.

Paul Croizet

Paul Croizet




sweet corn is here and melon should be ready soon



Our Offerings

Our Own Products

  • Strawberries
  • Vegetables
  • Honey
  • CSA Shares
  • Beeswax Candles
  • Pork
  • Beef
  • Jams 
  • Cut Flowers
  • Annuals
  • Herbs
  • Perennials
  • Hanging Flower Baskets
  • Patio Tomatoes
  • Vegetable Plants

From Other Producers

  • Kingdom Mountain Maple: organic maple syrup from Westfield, VT
  • Lazy Lady Farm: organic cow, sheep and goat cheeses from Westfield, VT
  • Butterworks Farm: organic yogurt, kefir, buttermilk and cream from Westfield, VT
  • River Gardens Kitchens: all-natural salad dressings from 
  • Elmore Mountain Farm: goat milk body products
  • High Mowing: organic seeds
  • Maine Potato Lady: seed potatoes
  • Vermont Compost Company: potting soil and compost 
  • High Hopes Orchards: apples and pears
  • Pennsylvania Peaches
  • Vermont Switchel
  • Aqua Vitea: organic kombucha from
Best organic produce around!


What Is CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)? 

In essence the purchase of a farm "Share" gives the consumer fresh local produce all season long.  By commiting to buy the vegetables, the consumer receives  delicious, freshly picked, local produce at below the retail cost and the farmer reduces the time and money spent on marketing during the season and receives more of the actual food dollar. The consumer also caries some risk with the farmer, but also benefits.  For example, if pollination is poor in the squash field, there will be few squash, but another crop will be more bountiful.   A "Share" is basically like a subscription in that you pay up front (February) and then when the vegetables and strawberries are ripe, they are harvested, cleaned, and delivered/picked-up the same day, which guarantees the share members the finest quality available!


Why Join A CSA?


Know where your food is grown!  As a NOFA-VT farm we do not use any genetically engineered seeds, harmful pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides that damage your health and the environment.

Reduce packaging, distribution and transportation waste, and your carbon footprint!

Broaden your food horizons by sampling some unusual varieties with recipes which we gladly share, and increase your dinning enjoyment.

Live a healthier life Studies now show food that travels less is more nutritional than food that has traveled cross country or internationally.

Support a local family farm, that, in turn, supports other local businesses and labor, while practicing healthy land stewardship and ensuring clean green space in Vermont.

Learn about how your food is grown by visiting the farm and build a healthy new link to your community.

Support the Jay Area Food Shelf & the Troy Area Senior Meal Site Our CSA supports shares for these community institutions - fresh, local, organic food for those who need it most! Every cent donated goes directly to the cost of a share.  Ask us about this program.

Help us serve you better: 

We plant our seeds according to our membership size.  We have over 60 vegetable and fruit varieties offered!

Be Social! Berry Creek Farm is where friends meet!


Our CSA Offerings


CSA Shares

We offer two types of CSA share. You can choose to pick up a prepared box of produce each week at Newport Natural Foods (on Main Street in Newport, VT), or use your share to purchase items whenever you like at our farm stand during our regular hours of operation. 

Members who pick-up at Newport Natural receive a pre-packed box of vegetables (you have an option for choosing your vegetables for your box!) on either Monday or Thursday afternoons from mid June through October. A delivery fee is added to the share cost to cover the expense of preparing and delivering boxes each Monday or Thursday. Those members who pick-up at the farm use their share to shop at the farm stand. These members also receive a 20% reduction on their tab! 

Members shopping at the farmstand may apply their CSA share amount and their 20% discount towards all of our farmstand products. This includes all our own products (produce, eggs, flowers, jams, honey, plants) and the products we carry from other producers (organic  yogurt, cheese, salad dressings, seeds, and maple syrup).  

Other Perks For CSA Members

Included in your membership is the ability to pick your own green beans, yellow wax beans, and Edamame soy beans at no extra cost (please note your interest in the sign-up form). Berry Creek Farm CSA Members may also order our farm-raised, freezer-ready beef and pork, at an additional cost (please see sign-up form for more details). We also offer a regular email newsletter and recipes. 

Sign Up For A Berry Creek Farm CSA Share

Use the signup form below to order a CSA share from Berry Creek Farm! Our CSA shares run during our growing season (May to October for shares picked up at the farm, June to October for shares picked up at Newport Natural Foods). 


Please choose which size share you'd like to purchase. All shares last from June through October. If you will be using your share to shop here at our farmstand, you will need to choose an amount below. For shares picked up at Newport Natural Foods, please choose between small and large share sizes: Large Share (3-4 people) $625 ($670 with delivery*) Small Share (1-2 people) $395 ($440 with delivery*) *All Newport shares must add $45 delivery charge for the season
Make A Donation
Add a donation to your share to help the food shelf and senior meal site in our community enjoy a share. Every cent donated goes directly towards the cost of a share for these important community organizations. Contributions of any size are gratefully appreciated!
If you are picking up your share here at the farm, please choose an amount for the season. The share prices listed for the delivery boxes above may serve as a rough guide, but you may choose to spend more or less depending on how much you think you'll eat over the course of the season. Remember that you can always add on later! If you are choosing a share to be delivered to Newport Natural Foods, please enter the total cost (including delivery fee)
Please enter the amount you will be paying now. 50% of your balance is due when you order a share. The other 50% will be payable June 15, 2018. Include your donation amount, if applicable.
Is This A Gift? *
If you are purchasing a CSA share as a gift, please check the box below. We also ask that you include the name, address, email and phone number of the recipient in the Notes box at the bottom of this page.
Place A Meat Order
We offer our farm-raised, freezer-ready meat products by order to CSA members. Animals are raised outside on pasture. They receive our own organic hay and the pigs also receive organic grains and vegetables. Please check all that apply. We will contact you when meat is ready for pickup (October for beef, November/December for pork). 2018 Meat Costs (to be paid after slaughter, based on final weights plus processing fees) Pork: $5/lb hanging weight Beef: $3.25/lb hanging weight
Pick Your Own
We offer pick-your-own green beans, yellow wax beans, and edamame soy beans to CSA members. If you are interested, please check below and then specify how many pounds of each you would like to pick (when available). Cost of beans will be deducted from your share as you pick.
Please specify how many pounds of each type of bean you would like to pick:
Winter CSA
Our new winter CSA offering includes 2 boxes/month from November-January. Price TBA, sign-up in September. Please check if you are interested, and we will be in touch at the end of the season.
Please pay by check, made out and mailed to Berry Creek Farm. Envelopes should be addressed to: Berry Creek Farm ATTN: CSA PO Box 76 Westfield VT 05874 Include your check number and the date it was mailed in below:
Please add any additional information we should know about your order. Include recipient's name and contact information if you are purchasing a gift share.

If you have any questions about ordering a CSA share, please call us at 802-744-2406. Thank you!


Why Organic?


why support organic farmers like us?

 Protect Future Generations
 Build Soil Fertility
 Save Energy & Reduce Dependence On Fossil Fuels
 Reduce Health Risks
 Protect Farm Workers
 Help Family Farms
 Support a True Economy
 Promote Bio-Diversity
 Maintain Healthy Waterways
 Great Tasting, More Nutritious Food

Berry Creek Farm was the 1st Certified Organic Strawberry & Vegetable Farm in Orleans County in 1993!


Visit US

1342 VT Route 100

Westfield, VT, 05874


Farm Stand Hours

May 1- End of October

Monday-Friday: 9-6

Saturday: 9-5

Sunday: 10-5 (CLOSED  Sundays after Strawberry season-mid July+)


Contact Us

If you have questions for us about our CSA offerings, produce, or meat products, you can give us a call at 802-744-2406. Please leave a message, since we're normally in the farm stand or in the field. Thanks! You may also use the form below.

We'll get back to you as soon as we're able. 

Please complete the form below

Name *

You may also write to us at Berry Creek Farm, PO Box 76, Westfield, VT, 05874


All our vegetables and herbs are certified organic not all our flowers due to pelleted seeds

 Artichoke: Tavor 90 days Improved variety buds are green with purple tips and are sweet and tender

Broccoli: Arcadia 63 days: stress tolerant, a rugged vigorous broccoli with late maturity.

Brussels Sprouts: Gustus 99 days:Very dense and sweet, good production.

Cabbage green: Farao 63 days: Delicious early head are sweet and tender

Impala 105 days: High quality heads hold exceptionally well in field and storage

Cabbage red: Omero 73 days: Midseason with good flavor

Buscaro 105 days: Full sized heads with sweet, juicy flavor for fresh market use.

Cauliflower Amazing 68 days: medium size, solid curd self blanching

Veronica 78 days: spiraled lime green head

Flame star 62 days: Pastel orange cauliflower with improved heat tolerance

Graffiti 80 days: stunning purple head

Celery Tango 85 days; Greatly improved variety that is easy to grow

Affina 60 days: cutting celery, flavor gets stronger as the leaves get older

Celeriac Balena 108 days; hybrid celeriac with improved heat tolerance

Cucumber olympian 52 days: good combination of flavor yield and appearance

Marketmore 58 days; dark green fruits stay green and mild tasting even under heat stress

Green finger 60 days: Thin, tender skin, crisp flesh and a small seed cavity

Nokya 55 days: productive and flavorful long Asian cucumber,,,,,,,,,,

Suyo long 61 days: Traditional long fruited variety from China

Little leaf 58 days: uniform fruits great for fresh eating or picking

Silver slicer 54 days: and excellent flavor and lovely smooth skin

Eggplant Nadia 67 days: traditional black Italian type, fruit under cool conditions

Galine 65 days; high yielding black bell type

Husk cherry Goldie 75 days; Small, sweet, orange berry with a husk like a tomatillo

Kale: Lacinato 30-60 days: blue green savoyed leaves

Darkibor 50 days:Dark green with excellent flavor

Redbor 55 days: curly red kale

Leeks King Richard 75 days: full size leek with long slender shaft, for summer and early fall

Bandit 100 days: Thick,heavy winter leek for late harvest or overwintering.

Lettuce: mix of leaf, Boston and romaine in green or red

Melon Sarah’s choice 76 days: very flavorful cantaloupe about 3 lb

Hannah’s choice 75 days: strong disease resistance, full of flavor about 5 lb

Savor 78 days: ” Charentais” unsurpassed eating quality

Okra Burgundy 65 days: large tender crimson pods on vigorous plants with beautiful red stem and veining

Onions Paterson 104 days: yellow onion with extremely long storage

Cabernet 100 days: early yield of red onion

Red wing 118 days: superior red color, long storage

Walla Walla 110 days: sweet onion

Conservor 100 days: Shallot tear drop shaped with pink flesh and easy to peel rosy skin

Pepper Ace 50 days green, 70 red; extra early ,highly productive

King of the North 60 days green 72 red; reliable set of green to glossy red fruit in short season

Red Knight 57 days green, 77 red: Big blocky fruits are early to turn red

Gourmet 65 days green, 85 orange; Thick, juicy walls and fruity sweet flavor

Flavorburst 67 days green, 87 yellow: excellent, sweet flavor, medium large fruits

Islander 56 days lavender, 81 red: medium size strong tall plant yield well

Purple beauty 55 days purple, 75 red: sturdy compact plants loaded with stunning deep purple fruits

Carmen 60 days green, 80 red: best-tasting sweet Italian frying pepper

Nassau 64 days green,84 red: Productive Cubanelle for frying

Jalapeno 65 days green,85 red: prolific yield of flavorful blunt fruits with distinctive jalapeno flavor

Czech Black 65 days: black: hot as a jalapeno

Thai hot 82 days : Fiery red can be dried about 30 000 Scoville

Hot rod 55 days green 77 red: Serrano type ,very hot

Red Flame 60 days green, 80 red: high yielding red rocket and ristra type, hot

Krimson Lee 62 days green, 82 red: Thick walled frying pepper medium heat

Numex joe E Parker 70 days green,95 red: Southwestern style traditional Anaheim.

hungarian hot 59 days yellow, 84 red: Long banana-shaped waxy pepper used for frying, stuffing and pickling

Magnum 80 days green,100 orange: Typical habanero with bonnet shape. 210 000 Scoville

Pumpkins Baby Pam 99 days: pie pumpkin with long handles and dry bright orange skin

Long pie 100 days: Best pie pumpkin for cooking with virtually stringless smooth orange flesh

Jack straw 100 days: a smooth -faced Jack O’Lantern

Cinderella 99 days: red French heirloom with sweet flavor delicious in soups and purees

Polar bear 100 days: extra large white pumpkin

Dill’s Atlantic 120 days: The world record for size

Big Max 120 days: big pumpkin 80 to 100+ lb

Jack Be little 95 days;miniature, old fashioned pumpkin

Black Futsu 105 days: Japanese specialty with black warty skin and nutty, fresh flavor

Summer squash Dunja 50 days: excellent disease resistance zucchini and high yield of straight green glossy fruit

Golden glory 50 days: spineless yellow zucchini with excellent yield

Yellow crookneck 50 days: summer squash with tender lemon yellow fruits

Success straightneck 50 days: disease resistant yellow squash

Eight ball 50 days: Dark green, shiny, round zucchini

Y-Star 55 days: Golden saucer shaped fruit with scalloped edges

Winter squash Sweet Reba 90 days: acorn with disease resistance, bush type. Avg 4-5 fruits

Bonbon 95 days: Buttercup with deep green, smooth skin and a prominent gray “button”. Avg 4 fruits

sweet Mama 88 days: Kabocha with outstanding sweet flavor. Avg 4-5 fruits

Winter sweet 95 days: Kabocha unparalleled eating quality and extra long storage. cured for 2 months

Sunshine 95 days: Kabocha tender and very sweet, not a long keeper, 3-5 lbs,3-4 fruits

Waltham 105 days: butternut excellent keeper if cured properly 4-5 lbs, 4-5 fruits

JWS 6823 PMR 100 days: Butternut high yield ,good flavor, 3-4 lbs, 4-5 fruits

Delicata 95 days: superbly sweet, tender flesh unique to Delicata

Sugar dumpling 90 days: perfect two serving dumpling squash

Red Kuri 92 days: hubbard, flashy scarlet fruits, 4-7 lbs, 2-3 fruits

Baby blue hubbard 95 days: a much smaller blue hubbard ,4-6 lbs, 2-3 fruits

Spaghetti 88 days: fork over the squash pasta, 4-5 fruits


ind= indeterminate: climbing varieties should be staked and pruned for best result, fruits ripen over an extended period

Det= Determinate: bush varieties do not need pruning and may be grown with or without support. Fruits ripens within a concentrated period Slicing Big beef 70 days (ind): nice combination of size,,taste and earliness, 10-12 oz fruits

New girl 62 days (ind): first early great flavor

Estiva 70 days (ind): nice combination of size, taste, and earliness

Damsel 73 days (ind): late blight resistance and excellent flavor

Cosmonaut 68 days (ind): rich complex flavor

Jet Star 72 days (ind): smooth fruits almost never scar or crack

Chef’s choice 75 days (ind): attractive orange beefsteak

Polbig 60 days (det): first early determinate for cool climates

Celebrity 72 days (det): Long popular variety with good flavor

Paste Roma 65 days (det): productive plum tomato with great disease resistance

Juliet 60 days (ind): Great flavor fresh or cooked

Granadero 75 days (ind): most prolific plum bred for organic systems

Amish paste 85 days (ind): a long time favorite heirloom plum

Paisano 57 days (det): high yielding bush San Marzano

Cherry Sun gold 64 days (ind): intense fruity flavor, orange fruits

Sweet 100 68 days (ind): sweet red fruits

Yellow pear 70 days (ind), Black cherry 64 days (ind), Montesimo 55 days (ind)

Heirloom: Purden Purple, 72 days (ind) Green zebra 72 days (ind),Paul Roberson 78 days (ind), Black prince 80 days (ind), Cherokee

Purple 77 days (ind), Brandywine 78 days (ind).