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Why Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

Fresh organic Local (Yummy) Vegetables at Below Retail Price! - Sign Up Now - Click Here

Know where your food is grown!  As a NOFA-VT farm we do not use any genetically engineered seeds, harmful pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides that damage your health and the environment.

Reduce packaging, distribution and transportation waste, and your carbon footprint!

Broaden your food horizons by sampling some unusual varieties with recipes which we gladly share, and increase your dinning enjoyment.

Live a healthier life Studies now show food that travels less is more nutritional than food that has traveled cross country or internationally.

Support a local family farm, that, in turn, supports other local businesses and labor, while practicing healthy land stewardship and ensuring clean green space in Vermont.

Learn about how your food is grown by visiting the farm and build a healthy new link to your community.

Support the Jay Area Food Shelf & the Troy Area Senior Meal Site Our CSA supports shares for these community institutions - fresh, local, organic food for those who need it most! Every cent donated goes directly to the cost of a share.  Ask us about this program.

Be Social! Berry Creek Farm is where friends meet!

                                                                                  Tasha with freshly picked strawberries

How Does a CSA Work?

In essence the purchase of a farm "Share" gives the consumer fresh local produce all season long.  By commiting to buy the vegetables, the consumer receives  delicious, freshly picked, local produce at below the retail cost and the farmer reduces the time and money spent on marketing during the season and receives more of the actual food dollar. The consumer also caries some risk with the farmer, but also benefits.  For example, if pollination is poor in the squash field, there will be few squash, but another crop will be more bountiful.   A "Share" is basically like a subscription in that you pay up front (February) and then when the vegetables and strawberries are ripe, they are harvested, cleaned, and delivered/picked-up the same day, which guarantees the share members the finest quality available!

Berry Creek Farm's CSA

Pick-up of vegetables happens at Berry Creek Farm's farm Stand during regular farm stand hours (May-Oct.),
or at Newport Natural Foods  on Main Street in Newport, Vermont.  Members who pick-up at Newport Natural receive a pre-packed box of vegetables (you have an option for choosing your vegetables for your box!) once a week in the afternoons from mid June through October.  Those members who pick-up at the farm, shop at the farm stand and receive a 20% reduction on their tab.  Members shopping at the farmstand may apply this discount towards all of our farmstand products including organic  yogurt, cheese, eggs, flowers, jams, honey, plants, salad dressings, seeds, and maple syrup.  We plant our seeds according to our membership size.  We have over 60 vegetable and fruit varieties offered! Included in the membership is the ability to pick-your-own green beans, wax beans, and Edamame soy beans at no extra cost (please see sign-up form).   We also offer a newsletter and recipes.  Berry Creek Farm CSA Members may sign-up for other options including   beef and pork,  at an additional cost (please see sign-up form). 

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