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Berry Creek Farm, 1342 VT Route 100, Westfield, Vermont

Opening for the season on May 1
Mon-Fri 9-6, Sat 9-5, Sun 10-5 (closed Sundays after strawberry season)

2017 Variety List

If you have special requests, please call ahead or e-mail us to check availability.

Not all our flowers are certified organic due to pelletized seeds

2017 Veggies and Herbs
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Abutilon Bella Select Mix
Ageratum Blue Hawai, Red Sea mid-blue dwarf; magenta
Alyssum Wonderland Mix
Angelonia          Serenita Mix. Hanging basket
Anthyllis vuneraria       Red Carpet Orange red,  ground cover or border
Aster               Pot'n patio mix of deep blue, rose, scarlet, lilac, red, and white
Asarina antirrhiniflora            Violet Violet- blue. Climber (5ft)
Asarina Red Dragon Red. Trailing  hanging basket
Amaranthus                 Tricolor Red, yellow with green leaves
Balsam           Double camelia pink, rose, and white
Begonia          Illumination Trailing, tuberous type. Apricot, peach, rose-pink,scarlet, white and yellow. Hanging basket
Begonia           Queen Red Fibrous type. Vibrant Red.
Begonia           Ambassador fibrous type. Pink, scarlet, white, coral, rose
Begonia         Bossa nova mix, trailing, fibrous type. Hanging basket
Begonia          Sun city   Red. trailing, hanging basket
Brachycome            Brachy blue Deep lavender-blue
Calendula      Flash back Orange, apricot and peachy
Calibrocha             Kabloom Deep blue, deep pink, white and yellow. Hanging basket
Camissonia            Sunflakes Broad brilliant yellow flowers
Canna           Tropical Red and yellow
Celosia             Kimono Mix, plumosa type
Centratherum        Pineapple Purple with fragrant pineapple foliage
Cerinthe               Kiwi Blue Green folliage, purple blooms
Cleome             Sparkler Mix
Coleus Rainbow blend   Mix of ten colors

 Chocolate Covered Cherry tri-color rose center, mahogany background, lime tips

          Watermelon Green to watermelon pink
Cosmos Rubensa Mix of cherry, pink, and white

            Cosmic Orange,red and yellow, dwarf 12"
Cynoglossum            Firmament Bright rich blue, dwarf plant. Fragrance
Harlequin      Mix of orange, rose, scarlet,violet,yellow and white. semi double bloom
             Figaro Orange, yellow, white, violet, and red. double bloom
Large double Mix
Dianthus Barbarini lavender, purple, rose and red shades,. H 8-10"
Diasca Diamonte Coral rose, lavender pink
Dichondra Silver Falls Silvery
Dionaea muscipila                Venus flytrap 6" famous carnivore plant for indoor
Dusty Miller Silver Dust Silvery
Eccremocarpus                     Tresco Vine to 4ft, hardy climber bearing spray of outfacing trumpet flowers, red orange,yellow and cream.
Euphorbia                   Kilimanjaro Foliage, cut flower
Citrona-orange  Orange
Gazania Kontiki Stars and Stripes Mix of striped petals with orange, red, yellow, white, and burgundy
Frosty kiss Mix of shades of bronze, rose, white and yellow
Geranium Summer showers Trailing. Burgundy, fuschia, white, blush.hanging basket
             Tornado Trailing. mix of nine colors. Hanging basket
Maverick Violet, White, Orange
           Moulin Rouge Red
       Scarlet picotee Red with white accent
Gerbera             Jaguar  Mix.
Helenium           Dakota Gold Golden yellow daisy-like flowers. H 8"
Helichrysum Silver Mist Silver foliage
Heliotrope              Marine Deep purple
 hollyhock        summer carnival annual, 4.5 ft, mix of 5 colors
Super Elfin  H 8-10". mix of orange, pink,red, rose, violet, white
           Xtreme violet Violet
              Accent red  Red
            Tumbler  Rose, scarlet. Hanging basket
           Athena Red, semi to fully double carnation looking flowers
           Divine New Guinea type, orange , red
Ipomoea Clarke's blue Blue. vine to 6. ft
       Scarlet O Hara wine red, vine to 6 ft
Linaria Fantasy Blue, yellow, magenta. hanging basket
Lobelia Trailing  Monsoon  Deep blue. Hanging basket

Cascade Red, blue
Lobelia Rainbow blend Mix of light blue, dark blue, dark pink, and white
Marigold Durango Red, mahogany, bee

Disco Mix, single flowered
Inca II Orange, gold primrose. dwarf african  type
           Crackerjack orange and yellow, tall african type (24")
Tangerine gem Orange, highly fragrant
Lemon gem Yellow, highly fragrant
Mesembryanthemum           Magic carpet Mix (ice plant) flourescent pinks, oranges and yellows
Mimulus Maximus Mix
Magic Mix
Mina lobata           Jungle queen 3 ft scarlet-orange. Good for basket
Nasturtium        Empress of India dark scarlett, hanging baskets
              Alaska Mix(non climbing), yellow and orange, leaves white streaked leaves
Nemesia             Poetry  Blue, white, two pink. flowers are fragrant  
Nicotiana Only the lonely White (tall). Highly scented
           Perfume Mix, highly fragrant
Nierembergia           Purple robe dark purple
Nolana             Sky blue Blue, trailing,hanging basket, ground cover
Osteospermum     Akila     Purple,
              Sky&ice Large blue& purple eyes
Pansy Majestic Giant Mix color
Bolero Mix, Semi double 
Sorbet Mix, small flowered
Pentas BeeBright Pink,red and white
Petunia, Trailing Easy wave  Red , white, plum vein and yellow

Wave Purple, Blue, rose
        African sunset Vibrant shade of orange
Petunia, Upright Double Glorius Mix
Double Cascade Blue,
Sophistica Lime bicolor
         Prism sunshine Yellow
            Tritunia Blue vein
  Dream       Mix, Red, White
           Pirouette Purple. Double.
Phacelia         Campanularia deep blue
Poppy           falling  in love  Mix of bicolor and picotee
Portulaca Sundial Mix of orange, pink, yellow
Rudbeckia Prairie sun Primrose yellow with light green "Irish Eyes" , cut flower
  Cherry brandy Mix of red shades
Salvia Sizzler Mix Mix of 13 colors
        Marble arch Mix
Sanvitalia Creeping zinnia Yellow
       Mandarin Orange orange
Schizanthus            Tinkerbell Mix of white, pink, red and bicolor. "Butterfly bush"
Snapdragon               Twinny Mix. dwarf 8 "
Rocket Mix, cut flower
          Candy shower Trailing,, mix color, hanging basket
Statice               Pacific Mix, cut and dry flower
Stipa              Siroco Ornemental grass
Sweet peas               Cupani Mix.  Highly fragrant, climbing
Thunbergia             Susie 7 ft vine, for basket or window boxes. color orange, clear white, yellow, and with eyes
              Alata Blend of creamy white, yellow and orange. hanging basket
Tithonia Goldfinger deep orange
Torenia Kauai Mix of white, blue and purple
Tropaelum          Canary vine 4 ft, creeping vine with small lemon yellow flowers.
Verbena               Imagination Violet blue. Trailing
             Tuscany Mix
Zaluzianskya        Midnight candy 12' shining white flowers emit a beautiful fragrance at night.
Zinnia               Zinnita Mix color, height 6-8'
             Oklahoma Mix color, tall

Achillea                Cerise queen Red, bloom mid summer
Alyssum                Gold dust Yellow, Bloom spring
Anemone Pulsatlla Dwarf star shape, violet rock garden flowers w/ yellow center. early spring
Aquilegia                European Late spring early summer
Armeria Joystick Blooms in May/June. 24" , red and white flower
Arabis         Alpina snowcap Ground cover for rock garden, white flowers bloom May-June
Aruncus             Goatsbeard 5ft cluster of white flowers in spring and early summer
Astilbe              Bella Fern like lacy plumes in red, white rose and lilac. Summer
Asclepia             Tuberosa  Bright orange shade.Mid summer
Aster         September ruby 3ft ruby red  flowers, late summer
Aubrieta          Mixed hybrids Rock cress, sun to light shade, spring bloom
Bastisia Australis      Blue false indigo 40" blue
Bergenia                Cordifolia evergreen creeper with reddish pendula flowers. Spring
Buddleya              Violet butterfly Violet blue flowers. Late summer
Campanula              Cup and saucer
Deep blue, white and rose cup shaped blooms late June to August. Biennial , early-mid summer
          Garganica 4" combination of bright green foliage and blue star-shaped flower. rock garden or over a wall.
     Pyramidalis  blue 4ft, blue
Catananche              Caerulea Light to mild blue papery blooms. End of summer
Centaurea Montana 2ft, large blue cornflower. May /July. 
Centranthus            Pretty Betsy Carmine red flowers, full sun, spring and early summer
Cerastium           Siver carpet Silvery white foliage, rock garden
Cimicifuga ramosa           Altropurpurea 6ft, violet to reddish-purple
Coneflower           Yellow prairie Yellow. Late summer
Coreopsis Rising sun 18", full sun, attracts beneficial insects. Late spring and summer
Coronilla varia         Crown vetch 10' spreading 2ft, ground cover
Cymbalaria         Kenilwoth ivy 4" tiny spurred lilac-rose flowers, rock garden
Delphinium Connecticut 3, blue, purple , lavender and white
Delphinium            Pacific  giant 5-6 ft, pastel mix in lilac, raspberry and rose with dark bee
Dianthus               Ballad  Summer.    
Digitalis Gigantea 4ft,rusty bronze flower spike. ENTIRE PLANT  POISONOUS-
Dodecatheon            Goliath 28", rosy-lilac flowers
Doronicum           Little leo              l 15", yellow daisy liike flowers.
Dracocephalum         Blue moon 12", blue
Dryas octopetala                  KL 4" alpine white flowers
Echinacea  Cheyenne spirit 24-30"  mix color
Echinops           Globe thisle Metallic blue, full sun, summer bloom
Erigeron           Azure fairy 24' violet petals, golden eyed
Eryngium             Blue star 30" deep blue flowers
Gaillardia Arizona 12", bicolor red/yellow
Gentiana               Nikita 14" intense gentian blue trumpet
HeliopSusis Summer sun
3-6', false sunflower, mid summer to fall, full sun. 
Hesperis             Matronalis iFragrant cluster of purple bloom
Heuchera           Melting fire 18" bright red
Hollyhock Happy light 5ft , single flowers mix color
Helenium Helena
4ft Yellow or orange flowers, full sun, Late summer and fall
Lathyrus           Sweet pea 6ft, shades of roses, white and pink
Lavender              English Full sun , summer bloom
Leucanthemum             Alaska 3ft, whitewith bright yellow center
Liatris           Blazing star 18", Rose/pink, July August
Linum                Blue flax 12", blue, full sun. Summer
Lobelia            Cardinalis 3ft, bright red flower
Lupine Russel Mix Red or mix color. Full sun to light shade, spring bloom 
Lychnis Maltesse Cross 3', Scarlet orange cluster of flowers.full sun to partial shade, summer 
Monarda (bee balm)           Panorama 30', scarlet pink, salmon and red
(Forget Me Not)
Bob Blue Heirloom with vivid blue flowers, mid spring early summer
Nepeta           Grand view 15", pink,white and blue
Oenothera Sun Drop Ground cover, large single poppy like, lemon yellow. Full sun, spring summer bloom
Papaver (poppy)               Red sails Full sun, spring early summer
Physostegia          Crown of snow White, summer. Snap dragon type of flower
Platicodon Blue ballon 2ft, mix color, bloom mid-late summer. 
Penstemon Maiden 16-18” plants, mix color, full sun to ligt shade, bloom early summer . 
Primula Ronsdorf 10” plants, mix color, bloom early spring 
Physostegia Virginiana White snap type bloom, full sun to partial shade, late summer
(Jacob's Ladder)
Blue Pearl Cluster of azure blue flowers.sun to partial shade, spring  summer
Rudbeckia            Goldsturn Black eyes Susan
Salvia             Twilight 18-20", deep violet-blue
Saxifraga        Flower carpet 10", rosery pink flowers, rock garden
Verbena           Pink spires 40", pink spikes.
Veronica Blue bouquet 12", mix of pink, white and blue-violet flowers, full sun, mid-late summer 
Violas           Helen mount Johnnys jump up

Certified Organic since 1993 

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