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 2018 Variety list
If you have a special order or want to reserved a specific variety, let us know
at least one month before pick-up: (802) 744-2406
all our vegetables and herbs plants are certified organic

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ARTICHOKE Tavor 90days - Improved variety, buds are green with purple tips and are sweet and tender.Typically 6-8 mature buds, avg. 3-4” diam. per plant, plants 3-4’ tall.
BROCCOLI Arcadia 63 days - Stress tolerant. A rugged vigorous broccoli with mid- late maturity.  Big plants with heavy, very firm, dark green, domed heads. Arcadia is tolerant to head rot, brown bead, downy mildew, and heat and cold stress.
BRUSSELS SPROUTS Gustus 99 days very dense and sweet, very good production.
      Doric 120 days - A standout hardy variety for late fall and early winter production
farao 63 days - delicious early heads are sweet and tender.
Storage no 4  95 days, Excellent eating quality with long storage
    Murdoch 83 days large pointed cabbage for sauerkraut and slaw
   Produsa 80 days, late season savoy with tightly crumpled leaves
73 days midseason red with good flavor
Ruby perfection  85 days - Fancy fall storage red

Amazing 68 days - For summer or fall. Tolerant to heat or cold
Veronica  78 days - Spiraled heads; lime-green color; mild, nutty taste.
Flame star 62 days Pastel orange cauliflower with improved heat tolerance
       Graffiti  80 days - Stunning purple heads

Tango 85 days - Self-blanching, smooth, non-stringy variety
60 days - Cutting celery with a rich aroma and quick to regrow
CELERIAC Diamante 100 days - Large solid root, mild, crisp celery flavor. Keep well fertilized and watered.
Marketmore 58 days - Long slender, dark green cucumbers. Picks for relatively long time. Standard cucumber for the North.
    Olympian 52 days. High yield over a long harvest season, broad disease resistance.
Green Finger 60 days - Smooth skin, never bitter. For inside or outside.
Suyo Long 61 days - Asian cuke, burpless, sweet mild flavor.  Thorny but easy to rub off.
      Diva 58 days, tender, crisp, and seedless cukes.
Tasty Jade 54 days - Early, slender Japanese cuke. Burpless. Indoor or outdoor.
Little leaf 58 days - pickling type, plant produce fruit under stress, for greenhouse or field
   Silver slicer  54 days, a creamy white slicer with excellent flavor and lovely smooth

Nadia  67 days - Classic large Italian, dark purple fruit. Tall, sturdy plants can set fruit under cool conditions.
Rosa Bianca 73 days - Italian heirloom of light pink-lavender fruits.
Little Finger 60 days - Long glossy black skin, harvest young for full flavor.
Galine 65 days - high yielding black bell type, mild and non bitter
HUSK CHERRY Goldie 75 days - Small orange berry with a husk. Sweet golden berries.

Lacinato 65 days - Italian type, dark green non-curled but heavily blistered (savoyed) leaves
60 days - Curled green leaves
      Redbor 55 days - Deepest red purple, frilly leaves

King Richard 75 days - early maturing summer leek with long, white shaft; pale green; not winter hardy
    Tadorna 110 days - stocky, medium length; dark green shafts; very winter hardy
      Bandit 100 days Thick, heavy winter leek for late harvest or overwinter

Two Star 50 days - Green leaf lettuce, heat tolerant and bolt tolerant; Waldmann's type
New Red Fire 55 days - Heavy slow bolting, well colored frilly leaves.
Green Forest 56 days - Romaine; tall, dark green, tip burn tolerant.
Sylvesta 60 days - Light green butterhead with tighly packed hearts
Roxy 60 days - Red butterhead; bright green heart; good resistance to tip burn
    Savor 78 days. Charentais; avg: 2 Lb
Sarah's Choice 76 days - With its sweet and juicy flesh, it is one of the best-tasting cantaloupes
Hannah’s Choice 87 days - One of the best muskmelons; 3-5lb; green rind, orange flesh.
Pride of Wisconsin
88 days, salmon-fleshed ,smooth and juicy muskmelon.
Cabernet 105 days - early with lovely uniform burgundy bulbs
Walla Walla 125 days - Juicy sweet onion. Short-term storage.
Patterson 104 days - extremely long storage onion; larger than Copra, dark yellow skin
OKRA Clemson 80 55 days - spineless; beautiful emerald pods; open habit that makes harvesting easy

Ace 50 days for green or 70 days for red. Early, highly productive, medium size. Nearly every flower produces a pepper.
Olympus 65 days - Green / 85 days - Red. Jumbo peppers, plants are vigourous and bushy, providing plenty of coverage all season long
Flavorbust 67 days - Green / 87 days - Yellow. Blocky yellow bells with sweet fruity taste.
Gourmet 65 days - Green / 85 days Orange. Orange bell with thick juicy walls and fruity sweet taste.
Islander 56 days - Lavender, 81 red. Light lavender skin, pale yellow flesh.
Purple Beauty 55 days for purple or 75 for red. Sturdy compact plant, reliable and high yield
King of the North 50 days - Green / 70 days Red. Very bushy plants can produce up to 14-20 large, blocky fruits. Excellent sweet bell pepper for our short summers. short supply this year
Red Knight 55 green,77 red, Big blocky fruit and early to turn red
Carmen 60-80 days - Green to red. Beautiful pepper of Italian type. Carmen has a lovely sweet taste for salad or roasting.
Biscayne 60-80 days - Banana type, cylindrical, lobbed-end fruits famous for frying.
Jalapeno 60-80 days - Hot  sausage shaped pepper. 4000 to 6500 Scoville when fully ripe.
Thai Dragon 50-70 days - Fiery red, Thai hot type. Can be dried, very productive small and slender. 80,000 Scoville when fully mature.
     Hot rod 55-75 days. Traditional serrano with avg 3" fruits borne on big plants over a long period. very hot
  Czech Black 65 days. black  when immature the 2 1/2 long conical fruit ripen to a lustrous garnet. Not as hot as a jalapeno
Krimson Lee 62- 82 days -  red; Paprika . Thick walled frying pepper, medium heat moderately hot
Red flame 60 green,80 red red rocket and ristra type (hot)
Joe Parker 70 days - Anaheim chili pepper for stuffing, grilling, roasting. Medium heat
Maya Red 75 days - Green / 100 days - Red - SUPER HOT, grow in protected area.
Ancho poblano 68- 88 days -Very mild heart-shaped chili perfect for stuffing in chile rellenos, drying. Moderately hot
    Lightning 62 days Hot banana for pickling, 
     Candlelight 65- 80 days - Brightly colored fruits emerge from dense green foliage like flames, hot

Baby Pam 99 days - 4-5lb for making pie.
    Long pie 100 days The absolute best pie pumpkin for cooking,with virtually stringless , smooth orange flesh.
Big Max 120 days - Can weight up to 100lb, awesome jack o’lantern.
Dill’s Atlantic 120 days - Giant pumpkin.
Jack straw 100 days - A smooth-face jack O'lantern with dark orange skin and a hearty handle. 
Rouge Vif D’Etampes 105 days - The Cinderella pumpkin, very flavorful.
   Valenciano 110 days. Creamy, white-skinned beauties are round and slightly flattened in shape
Jack-be-Little 95 days - Tiny flattened pumpkin-decorative for tables and displays.
Summer  Dunja 50 days - excellent disease resistance and high yield of attractive straight green fruit
Yellow Crookneck 60 days - Bright lemon yellow summer squash.
Yellow straigh Prolific, disease resistance plants with smooth , uniform and attractive fruits
Gollden glory 50 days. Spineless yellow zucchini  with an excellent disease resistance.
Ystar 55 days - Golden saucer-shaped fruits with attractive scalloped edges.
Eight Ball 50 days - dark green, shiny round zucchini
              Buttercup Bonbon 95 days - 4-5lb deep-green fruit with a prominent gray “button”.
Sweet Mama 88days - A kabocha type with no cup, very sweet flavor
Butternut Waltham 100 days - Tan 4-5lb fruit with a nutty flavor
JWS 6823 100days - short vine, some mildew resistance, the fruit are 3-4Lb
         Delicata 100 days - Cream colored skin with stripes, incredibly sweet flavor, size 1-2 lb. Bush.
    Sugar dumpling 90 days-  perfect two serving dumpling squash with creamy striped skin and very sweet
            Acorn Sweet Reba 90 days - bush type, fruit average 4-5/plant and 1.5-2lb
           Hubbard Red Kuri 95 days - Teardrop-shaped squashes with smooth sweet and dry flesh.
Baby Blue 95 days - smaller size blue hubbard 5-7 lb fruit.
        Kabocha    Sunshine 95 days - Tender flesh, sweet and bright orange
Winter sweet 95 days unparallelled  eating quality and extra long storage. Wait after Chrismas for eating
Spaghetti 88 days - Medium-size pale yellow fruits with sweet and stringy flesh.
SWISS CHARD      Rainbow A mix of colored chard
ind = indeterminate, det = determinate
Big Beef 70 days - Early, flavorful, big globe shaped red  ~ 10 oz fruit .
Celebrity 72 days (det) - Good taste mid season. Fruit 7-8 oz.
Jet Star 72 days (ind) - Early –mid season 7-8oz fruit with good flavor.
   Estiva 70 days (ind) Beautiful smooth fruit 6-7oz firm and resistant to cracking
New Girl 62 days (ind) - Better tasting and more disease resistance than early girl.
 Polbig 60days (det) first early harvest for cool northern locations, 6-8oz
Cosmonaut 65 days (ind) - From good to sublime taste. 8-12 oz fruit.
Damsel 73 days (ind) late blight resistance and excellent  flavor
Defiant 70days (det) Late blight resistant. Mid size slicer ( 6-8oz) with a good flavor and texture
  Chef's choice 75 days, (ind) orange beefsteak. Fruits are lower in acid and have a very good flavor.
Taxi 64 days (det) - Yellow 4-6 oz sweet flavored. Concentrated early set.
 Valentine 55 days (ind), delicious high lycopene grape
Sun Gold 57 days (ind) - Cherry - Intense tropical flavor, tangerine orange fruit.
Super Sweet 100 78 days (ind) - Should be staked, cluster of 1” sweet fruits.
 Sweet'n'Neat 60 days,(det)  perfect red cherry for container
Black cherry 68 days (ind) .Two bite cherries with the dusky color and complex flavor of the best black tomatoes
Yellow Mini 57 days(ind), excellent sweet juicy flavor, less splitting
Yellow Pear 70 days (ind). Petite distinctive salad tomato.
     Juliet  60 days (ind) - small mini-roma flavor fresh or cooked; 1.5 oz.
      Roma 65 days, Plants are vigorous an strong. fruit have deep red color and mild flavor. Paste tomatoes
   Granadero 75 days (ind) produce very high yields of uniform, attractive  4-5oz fruit with good flavor
San Marzano  78 days (ind) - Delicious, balanced acidic flavor for good sauce. 5- 6oz. Paste tomato
Amish Paste 85 days (ind) - Wonderful flavor and production, 6-8 oz fruit, need a lot of pruning!
Cherokee Purple 72D days - Heirloom - Unusual “weird and interesting” variety with full flavor.
Pruden's Purple 72 days (ind) agreat sandwich tomatoes with a taste as good or better than Brandywine
Brandywine 78 days - Heirloom - The best tasting tomato. Large fruit up to 1 pound.
Green Zebra 72 days - Heirloom - Green striped delicious tangy salad tomato. 3-4oz fruit.
Black Prince 75D (ind) - Turn almost black with enough heat and sun. Excellent flavor.
Paul Roberson 78 days (ind) another Russian heirloom , a very good sandwich tomatoes.
Tomatillo: Purple 75-85 days - Heirloom with exceptional appearance and taste.

Sugar Baby 80 days - Very sweet icebox type, red flesh
Crimson sweet 85 days. Quality and reliability in a classic oblong striped melon
Baby Doll
75 days - Productive, early icebox melon with dark green stripes and  crisp yellow flesh
Orange Glo 90 days, Beautifull and sweet, dark orange flesh is very crisp
Anise   Annual, sweet licorice fragrance, an outstanding insectary plant. 
Anise Hyssop Sweet licorice flavor, good for pollinator, perennial
Arnica Chamissonis  Strong and distinct pine-sage odor when the leaves of mature plants are rubbed or bruised. Perennial
Ashwagandha  one of the best rejunevators
Astralagus  Promotes wound healing and stimulates the immune system. Perennial
BASIL Genovese Variety of choice for pesto.
Italian Large leaves, pesto type.
Thai Spicy anise-clove flavor.
Lemon Strong lemon flavor.
Red Rubin Purple Italian type.
Sacred Known as Tulasi, Spicier than other basil
      Bergamot Perennial, bee balm family
        Borage Annual, reseed itself
      Calendula      Resina High resin content
  Capparis source of the true caper of Mediterranean cuisine , harvest the unopened buds
Catnip       Make your cat happy! Perennial
         Chamomille    German  Annual
         Chives Perennial
         Chervil Mild sweet anise flavor
Cilantro        Seeds only.
  Codonopsis Poor mann' ginseng
           Dill       Bouquet Good yields of foliage and seeds. (seeds only)
       Echinacea Purpurea Common purple coneflower. Perenial
       Elecampe  Perennial
Garden sorrel Perennial
   Garlic chives Perenial, flat leaves with delicatebgarlic flavor
         Hyssop Perennial
   Lady's Mantle Perennial
       Lavender Munstead type. Perennial
Lemon Balm    Perennial herb often used in ice cream and teas.
Lemon Mint    Occasionally used in herbal teas, smell when crushed. Perennial
Lemon grass     Often used in soups and with fish. Perennial inside
      Licorice Perennial with protection
Lovage     Taste like celery  Perennial
Marjoram     Sweeter & more balsam-like than oregano, used in aromatherapy.
        Motherwort  Perennial
Oregano (Greek) Perennial
Parsley        Italian Flat or Curly
Peppermint     The world's oldest medicine - and great with tea,too. Perennial
   poppy       Ziar Breadseed
Rosemary     Perennial if wintered inside.
          Rue Perennial
Sage          Common Used as food seasoning and for medicinal purposes.Perennial
 White Ceremonial herb for native Americans
Savory         Winter (P) & summer (A)
 Schissandra Also called Magnolia vine
Baikal skullcap Perennial
     Spilanthes  Know as toothache plant
Stevia          Incredibly sweet leaves are and alternative to sugar.
     St Johnswort  Shrubby plant with yellow flowers.Perennial                        
   Blue vervaine Perennial
German Perennial. 
Creeping Perennial.
Summer Annual more pungent flavor.
 Valerian perennial
 Blue Vervain perennial

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