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                           Other Products from Berry Creek Farm:


    Honey: 1/2 Lb: $4.95                Strawberry Honey Jam: $5.75/6oz jar
                     1 Lb: $7.50                Strawberry Maple Jam: $5.75/6oz jar
                                                       Gooseberry Honey Jam: $5.75/6oz jar

    Honey Cakes: made with honey (48%), organic flour, milk, butter, organic eggs, and baking soda.
                                                     $ 6.25/ 10oz cake

   To order, print order form and send with payment to Berry Creek Farm, 1342 VT RT 100, Westfield, VT 05874,   or contact us for more information (802)744-2406. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. Due to the constraints of our farming schedule, we only make the jams, cakes, and candles during the fall and winter months.  Contact us for availability of items.

                                                                           At the Thanskiving Farmers' Market in Montpelier, VT           

Certified Organic since 1993

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