26 Years and Still Growing!


YES!  I would like fresh organic produce from Berry Creek Farm



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Berry Creek Farm


PO Box # 76

Westfield, VT  05874





PHONE:                                  E-Mail:

Option 1:

      Pick-up at Berry Creek Farm -  shop at Berry Creek Farm Stand during farm      stand hours - You choose the amount for your tab

                                                      May-October, includes all products at the farm stand 


Option 2:

      Pick-up at Newport Natural Foods, Main Street, Newport, VT 

                  (Must add $45 delivery charge for the season)

                  must chose an afternoon pick-up, please circle: Monday or Thursday

      Large Share $625 (3-4 people) from June through October-with  delivery=$670      

      Small Share $395 (1-2 people) from June through October-with delivery=$440


      Donation to help the food shelf and senior meal site in our community enjoy a share.  Every cent donated goes directly towards the cost of a share.   Any size contribution helps!!!

      Gift share – please include the name, address and phone number of the recipient:


    ADDRESS:     CITY:    STATE:    ZIP:  

        PHONE:                                 E-Mail:


$      TOTAL, 50% of balance now.  Remaining balance due on June 15, 2018  

                   Make checks payable to Berry Creek Farm.  Thank you!  

     *Membership  shares are valid  only for  one season: All  tabs must be spent by closing in October 2018.  Any remaining balances 

                    will not  be carried over  to the  following  season.

$      Amount paid, Date , Check #:

      I would like to Pick-My-Own Green Beans, included in share price, specify 

 I would like to Pick-My-Own Yellow Wax Beans/ Edamame Soy beans, included in share price, specify pounds of each

 Our meats* come freezer ready

    Pork (circle one: ¼   ½  whole___ Nov.-Dec.)  $5.00/lb hanging weight- does not include processing fees

    Beef (circle one: 1/4,  1/2  Oct.), $3.25/lb. hanging weight - does not include processing fees

  *Animals are raised outside on pasture, receive our own organic hay and the pigs receive organic grains and vegetables*

______  NEW!  I am interested in Winter CSA: 2 boxes/month November-January Price TBA, sign-up in September

                                                       ???? QUESTIONS ????
                           Call Rosemary Croizet (802) 744-2406

                                                                  Thank You